Moving into the latter half of the Act, 1878 is full of foreshadowing events to come. It’s the longest song on the album, but due to it’s excellent pacing you wouldn’t even know (the album is also pretty short, so that helps too). Even when things pick up during the chorus, it feels like this song is floating by, nothing too drastic, while always moving forward.

The Inquiry of Ms. Terri

The Inquiry of Ms. Terri gives us more insight into the characters that we’ve met so far. This song has a slower pace than City Escape, but there seems to be a lot more going on both musically and lyrically. We get a clear picture of the relationship between Hunter and his mother here, with an ambiance in the music to match the ominous tone of the story here.

City Escape

City Escape is the first song in the story to feature a full band, somehow still managing to give us a new idea of what to expect three songs in. It’s also the first song to really have an event we can put on a timeline. This is where the core of the story begins to take shape, and this is the cool chase scene that you see in the beginning of action movies.

I spend a large amount of my free time delving into the melodies and structures of songs as I learn them on different instruments. I spend not quite as long, but still probably more time than necessary, looking into the lyrics of these songs and trying to piece together what the hell they mean.