Into The Concept

I spend a large amount of my free time delving into the melodies and structures of songs as I learn them on different instruments. I spend not quite as long, but still probably more time than necessary, looking into the lyrics of these songs and trying to piece together what the hell they mean.

Most of the music I listen to consists of concept albums, and a large part of what I love about progressive music is that there is a cohesiveness to how each piece of music builds off of its surroundings to form an idea. These ideas range from all of the parts simply addressing the same topic, to stories told across an entire discography. 

My aim with deciphering these concepts is to find the purpose of creating them in the first place. What was so important to these artists to have begged a project of this size? Are they exploring a political idea? Are they trying to teach a life lesson through poetic anecdotes? Perhaps they wanted to create an atmosphere with lyrics simply to match a sound they were exploring. I believe a majority can be analyzed in the same way a novel could, with recurring motifs and symbolism. While they (hopefully) don't have as many words as a novel, using poetry along with the different instruments and melodies creates new dimensions to the piece. These dimensions help us experience and interpret an artists message in ways that other mediums would struggle to accomplish. 

With this series I'd like to take songs and individually dissect their parts to better understand the whole. I'll be looking at lyrics, as well as the different sonic elements like instrumentation and melodies. As a multi-instrumentalist and curious mind, I want to see what I can learn from these artists. I hope to share my findings and help others explore with me, as I dive into the concept.